Our Story

FamFun Cabin Rentals has been founded by three ordinary families, who also all happen to be seasonal guests at the Bissell’s Hideaway Resort themselves.

For one of the families, Bissell’s resort has been their home away from home for several generations.  They used to come with their parents when they were children, then they started coming with their own families.  Their children grew up learning how to ride a bike and swim during their seasonal stays at the resort. They were creating all the memories while growing up, one season at a time.  Inevitably, they became part of the resort community for years to come.

Second family embarked on this journey just three years ago when they were invited to a friends’ camping trip.  Their children enjoyed the experience so much that they decided to explore the world of seasonal camping and that’s when they found Bissell’s Hideaway Resort. They wanted their family to spend more quality time together while enjoying their summer days outdoors – in the sun, in the pool, and by the campfire at night.

Third family is also fairly new to the resort community.  Prior to starting their young family, they were avid tent campers. But life got busy and those days of camping slowly faded until a couple of years ago when they visited the resort for a day.  Just that one day, brought those camping memories back.  At a speed of light, they were able to feel that Bissell’s Hideaway Resort was the place for them to be during the summer months with their young and growing family.  They wanted a sense of comfort and stability.  They wanted to go back to those days of music, laughs, dancing, singing and stories around the campfire.

Now how and why did we all come together to do this?

We all shared the same passion.  The passion for spending our summer days in the sun, in the pool, barbecuing amazing food, sharing stories by the campfire, but most of all, making friends and memories to last us a lifetime.  We wanted to spread that passion to other guests, giving them the chance to experience the fun, the laughter, and make those same kinds of memories that we made and continue making.

No matter what your day to day is like, look no further because FamFun Cabin Rentals can be that escape you need.

About Bissell’s Hideaway Resort

Visit the resort’s website for more information about the park and the details of all the available amenities that you will get to enjoy once you book with FamFun Cabin Rentals.

Be sure to also review the resort rules as they are applicable to your stay.  You can also download the resort map to see which cabins belong to FamFun Cabin Rentals.