The FamFun Favourite Activities

So Much To Do!

One of the best parts about booking a stay with FamFun Cabin Rentals is that there are a ton of super fun activities to do right in the park!

The FamFun guests have access to a water park, a variety of sports courts, a snack bar and there are new events happening within the resort every day.

They even have you covered with a plan b for rainy days!

The Water Park

One of the biggest draws to booking a studio cabin with FamFun is that you get access to all of the incredible sections of the water park!

There’s a pool with a roped-off deep-end for diving and a more shallow pool for the little ones.

The pools and epic water slide will keep your kids busy for hours and are supervised by NLS certified lifeguards at all times.

Designed for children 9 and under, the splash pad is full of slides, misty kiddie rides and fountains to keep your kids cooled off and entertained.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s even a pond for pedal boating with supplied lifejackets and lifeguard supervision!

Get Active

Take advantage of the volleyball, basketball and ball hockey courts with your family and friends during  your stay – remember to bring your own equipment!

There’s even a mini-golf course so you can see who the real putting master in your crew is.

The huge grassy fields are perfect for relaxing, having a picnic and playing bocce ball, horseshoes or whatever your favourite game may be.


From live music and DJ dance parties, to bingo nights and reptile shows, there are always fantastic events planned out for guests to take part in.

Check out the updated event calendar to see what events will be happening during your stay and join in on the fun!

Rainy Days

They wouldn’t be FamFun Cabin Rentals if they didn’t have beautiful cabins to stay and enjoy on rainy days!

If you happen to get some bad weather during your stay, fear not, the cabins are equipped with Smart TV’s and Free Wi-Fi.

Your kitchenette has a bar fridge, Keurig coffee maker and plenty of supplied coffee, tea and hot chocolate to keep you warm!

So Much Value

With an abundance of fun activities to do and amenities to enjoy right in the resort, booking a stay with FamFun Cabin Rentals is a great way to travel Ontario and to get out in the sun!

Not only is there lots to do right in the resort, the Niagara Region is chock full of incredible attractions and must-see places.

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